Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Swift

Bill Davila/startraksphoto.com; Greg DeGuire/Picture Group via AP Images

We've got a hot and bothered round-up of our latest polls!

Last week was all about Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal's out-of-nowhere romance. Are we the only ones not buying this too-presh People pairing?

Dig in to find out if you're alone in thinking those Glee GQ pics were nothing but desperate; plus, so much more:

Get to Writin' Taylor Swift! Almost 65 percent of you do not think Taylor and Jake are destined to make it to many more apple-picking dates.

While the couple sure look good together, we're not feeling the sparks here, either. And with the timing of Love and Other Drugs and Tay's album, Speak Now, we're filing this under the too-convenient category. Especially since Jakey has been on the prowl since Reese Witherspoon broke it off, and we all know Swift is gonna need some catchy tunes for her third CD! We L-O-V-E both Tay and Jake, just not together.

Hey, but good thing Gyllenhaal's a nice boy. Don't think T.S. will get too much material—that she'd actually sing about—from this relationship

Our readers are psychic! We got so pumped at the thought of Jay-Z and Beyoncé's possible offspring (that tot would be the closest thing to royalty that you get in America), we were crushed when mom Tina shot down those rumors.

Nearly 70 precent of you thought Mariah Carey would announce a pregnancy before B, and whaddya know, she already did!

Carey and Nick Cannon announced they are expecting. Congrats! Guess you two don't think of yourselves as having a spooky sex the way some of our readers do.

Leave the Gleeks alone! About 75 precent of you agreed with us that the Parents Television Council had nothing better to do than pick on some twentysomething's and throw around the word pedophilia.

Even though Dianna Agron kinda sorta apologized, we don't think they should be ashamed for vamping it up for the cameras. Plus photog Terry Richardson doesn't exactly have a reputation for keeping things prude on set.

Only problem we have: no nakedish guys! The Playgirl offer still stands, fellas.

Get some balls, as it were!

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