Guess Who

Jeff Steinberg/Matt Smith,

The days on a movie set can be long. Often actors have hours of downtime between takes and the onset of brain-crippling boredom is always a threat.

Not one to let his mental abilities turn to mush, this actor grabbed a Rubik's Cube during a break from filming his latest flick. Think you know which movie star is staying sharp by honing his puzzle-solving skills?

Ryan Gosling

Jeff Steinberg/Matt Smith,

It's Ryan Gosling!

The actor grabbed the classic puzzle during a lull in shooting on the set of his flick Drive, costarring Carey Mulligan.

Clearly, the leather gloves are meant to increase one's stability when undertaking such an arduous mental task. And as we can see, Ry has already achieved success on the yellow side, so clearly, the gloves are working. Or...he could just still be in wardrobe.

Either way, hope Ryan's able to shave a few seconds off his best time as he waits for the director to yell "action!"

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