Denise Richards

Stunningly, the jury still seems to be out on whether Denise Richards is working her ex-husband's infamy to better help her own career or if she's just a put-upon Hollywood mom trying to do her best. To which we say: Are you as out of it as Charlie Sheen? Puh-leeze!

This bitch is as crafty as they come! In fact, before Denise appeared on Joy Behar's show...

Richards gave the Behar producers a call. She wasn't running late or anything, but she thought she'd just let them know she was on her way "from dropping Charlie at the airport," some knowledgeable Behar peeps revealed to us.

Uh, OK. Was that in case she was late?

The Behar peeps had no idea. All they know was the brunette-again babe was not in any danger of missing her segment; she simply called to let them know she had just dropped her problematic ex off at the Teterboro airport. So sweet!

And weird because the ringlet-covered actress (who was ostensibly on the show to plug her latest project, Spike TV's Blue Mountain State) told Joy to "ask Charlie," when the host wanted to know how he was doing. All snitty private ‘n' all.

And then weird again: Richards, who must have been conditioning her massively lustrous mane the whole time Charlie was trashing his Plaza hotel suite, went on to speak about Charlie for her entire segment.

Included on the topics list for shy-no-more Denise were Charlie's drinking habits and rules, Charlie's relationship with Denise and their daughters ("amazing!") and Charlie's recent hospital visit, on which Denise accompanied him. No doubt, Richards called on the way back from that Sheen stopover and alerted whichever of her myriad N.Y. media visits she was headed to. She's thoughtful, that one.

We just don't understand one thing: Does Denise not think chit-chat about Blue Mountain State would have been a riveting enough subject for all these media types?

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