Blind Vice diva

Chiquita isn't exactly known for having a legs-closed-shut policy on the set of her über-hit TV show.

The "bat s--t" crazy actress was hooking up with one of her hunky costars for a while, before getting semi-burned when the dude decided he'd had enough of her cuckoo for Coco Puffs crap. Nasty stuff.

So...what's a scorned star to do?

Sleep her way up to the top and plan evil revenge, of course!

Crafty Chiquita, whose killer bod matches her ambition, started having sex with a very high-up guy who works on her show. Said dude has the power to make a lot of creative decisions. You know, like where certain character developments will go!

Naturally, C. is using that vag-trap of hers to try and convince the suit to write her ex into character oblivion (or death, whichever Chiquita can finagle first). Or—at the very least—"significantly diminish his role," according to one of our myriad right-on set insiders.

Oh, and by saying Chiquita is trying to convince the stupid suit with the faulty zipper to do this, threaten may actually be the more appropriate word. Because it's not like this was a one-night stand thingy.

No, C. and the exec have been sleeping together on the side for a while now.

If Chiqy doesn't get her way, she is thisclose to tattling about her sexy escapades (all of them!) to some folks it would have a grave impact on. And trust, the unlucky gentlemen is much older with a reputation to protect.

One thing to keep in mind?

Everyone on the set already knows. All of the actors, including her ex, are very aware what kind of slut crap she's pulling.

And Miss C. wonders why she's the outcast of her good looking cast?

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