Five Things You Need to Know About Charlie Sheen's Hotel Room Buddy Capri Anderson

We've dug up everything you never wanted to know about the porn star at the center of the actor's latest downward spiral

By Gina Serpe Oct 28, 2010 4:47 PMTags
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Oddly enough, Charlie Sheen getting caught allegedly naked and drunk (or otherwise out of sorts) in a hotel room with a porn star will most likely do absolutely nothing to hurt his image. Or career.

And as for that porn star, it probably won't do too much damage to her public persona, either. Especially if she decides to make good on that threat to sue. So who is she?

The clock is already ticking on her 15 minutes, but lucky for you, we've sifted through the wreckage to bring you the five things you need to know about Capri Anderson

1. What's in a name? Not much. At least not according to Capri Anderson. Or Alexis Capri. Or Stella Costanza. Or Capri Nubiles. Or Christina Walsh. Those are all names Sheen's Plaza pal has gone by (the latter being her birth name) while going about her daily, um, grind. She doesn't seem particularly attached to any of them, incidentally, having gone by several in the past few months alone.

2. She's not camera-shy. Her members-only NSFW site,, proves that. As does her YouTube video submission filmed during Exotica 2008 in which she took her tongue into the gutter for a competition to see which girl could talk the filthiest. Let's just say, hers was an admirable effort. (There's no nudity, but be warned, her language is very, very NSFW...or pretty much any other venue). She also didn't appear to be camera-averse in any of her XXX efforts, among them Big Bust Cougars, Damn, She's a Lesbian, Me & My Girlfriends, Amateur Angels 22 and Barely 18: Spring Break. Or in her screen test for Vivid Entertainment (if you still need the NSFW warning at this point, you only have yourself to blame).

3. She's not a working girl. But her dad's a working man. No, not like that! Papa Paul Walsh, no doubt beaming with pride this morning, is a doorman at a posh building on Park Ave., and, until approached by an enterprising reporter about his daughter's foray into infamy this week, apparently knew nothing of his daughter's professional escapades. "I haven't spoken to my daughter in eons," he told the New York Daily News. "She's been in California…With young kids today, nothing surprises you."

For what it's worth, while Capri (or whatever you want to call her) has alternately been identified in the media as either a stripper or prostitute, she adamantly denies that she is either, instead claiming to be a porn actress. Who sidelines in a members-only Website. Just today, she retweeted a message sent by her pal, fellow porn starlet Tuesday Cross: "If you actually believe all the bulls--t about my best friend Capri Anderson on the news then you are just a f--king tool……..dumbass." That's a lot of class for one social circle.

And in a recent nekkid photoshoot, she opted instead to classify herself (click at your own peril) as "a songwriter, a dancer and poet." Of course, she also said in the same breath that she loves guys who have "old fashion values" and who "put her on a pedestal." Not lock her in a closet.

4. Bucking all odds, she's not being repped by Gloria Allred. Color us shocked. Though rumors emerged this morning that Walsh was being represented by attorney-to-the-media-whores Gloria Allred, the camera-ready lawyer says that she is not working with her. However, a source tells E! News' that Allred's daughter, the equally spotlight-seeking Lisa Bloom, has already been contacted by Walsh. "I can't comment on who may or may not have contacted me," Bloom tells us. "If I end up representing a client, then I can discuss it."

So far at least, Walsh has proven admirably discreet with the company she keeps. Despite taking an understandable couple of days away from Twitter, she has since returned, and was out in full tweeting force the day before the infamous event. And while she dined with both Charlie and Denise Richards on Monday night (and took the photos to prove it) before returning to Sheen's Plaza Hotel room, she didn't once mention any star associations on her page. What she did mention was that she wasn't feeling so hot. "Capri is sick :(," she tweeted. "My tonsils are inflamed :(." Insert your own jokes here.

5. She's not a thief. While Sheen's reps are refusing to offer up even the slightest admission of a late-night companion (instead offering up the instantly-derided statement that Sheen suffered an adverse reaction to medication), everyone not drinking the Kool-Aid or on the actor's payroll seems convinced that the meltdown was sparked when Sheen thought his Rolex was stolen. Capri denied having sticky fingers when interviewed by New York's finest after the incident the next morning. And while we wouldn't normally look to an admitted porn star as the most honest person around, somehow she's still more believable than Sheen. That must've been some wrong prescription.

—Additional reporting by Whitney English, Soo Youn and Ken Baker