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We love all the ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but when we ran our Who's the Prettiest poll, one brunette won by a landslide. And as it turns out, RHOBH breakout babe Kyle Richards, whose votes tallied almost 50 percent, is just as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside—and she's also arguably this season's sanest star.

Read on to find out what Paris and Nicky Hilton Rothschild's aunt teased about the Bravo franchise's most fabulous ZIP code, including if her world-famous nieces might drop by and whether or not she's doing a second season...

Congrats on being voted prettiest Housewife!
Kyle Richards:
Oh my gosh, thank you. That is great fun for me. It's a compliment because I'm in good company.

Why did you decide to do the show?
I thought it looked like fun. I grew up in front of the cameras, but of course it was acting, so it was very different. I was never nervous about being in front of the camera, and I really thought it looked like an adventure and looked like fun. 

Why do you think you and Kim, both beloved child stars and sisters, have such different personalities?
I ask myself that all the time. Sorta the same thing when you look at twins, and they're the polar opposites. We've always been very different—different tastes in everything; we just think differently. When I was a kid, I used to laugh that I felt like the black sheep being the only brunette in the family. Now I really feel like the black sheep. 

On the show we see you are very close with Kim's daughters. Do you share the same close relationship with your other nieces, Paris and Nicky?
Yes. I was only 11 when Paris was born. I was such a little girl and my sister Kathy [Hilton, Paris and Nicky's mom] was so young. That's what really made me want to have a child so young. I had my first baby when I was 19. But my sisters' kids are such a big part of my life. I just love and adore them so much—they really are like little sisters I never had. When they were babies I would babysit them and play with them and take care of them, but now that we're adults, it's more like a sibling relationship at times.

Will we see Paris and Nicky Hilton on the show?
You'll have to tune in to see!

Would you do a second season?
It depends on the day you ask me. I have a lot of anxiety watching it—it's not comfortable to watch my sister and I interact when we're not getting along. So sometimes I think, oh god, my stomach is churning—I don't know if I can take this again. And then they'll show the fun stuff we do, and I think OK, I can do this again. It really just depends. Of course I haven't seen the rest of the season!

It's not that I don't trust what they do—I know that anything I said or did that's embarrassing I did myself—but it's just sorta like how it's all gonna play out. It was very anxiety-provoking for me, the conflict with the others. I lost many nights' sleep over that.

Who do you experience the most conflict with on the show this season?
Camille. [Kim and I] have our moments that are not always fun [but] Camille and I didn't mix well.

Which Housewives clash the most with each other?
From the previews you can see that Kim and Taylor don't get along that well, and Camille and I are definitely not a match. I didn't know Camille that well [before the show]...that kinda took me by surprise. 

Will we see more of your children and husband this season?
Yep. My whole life is there, my kids, my husband, the whole shebang.

What was your family's reaction to being filmed for the show?
It's funny, my kids never really reacted to the camera from the first day. [Before I agreed to do the show], I said to them, If anybody has any reservations raise your hand and we won't do it, [but] they all said, "We want to do it, we think it'll be fun." And then as soon as the cameras came in they didn't really care. I'm happy they were just really comfortable and didn't care either way.  

Your husband [Mauricio Umansky] seems so laid-back; is it because he lives in a house full of women?
He has such a laid-back personality. He is so easygoing—that is how he is in real life. Maybe that is why god gave him four daughters. He has the personality to handle it. It is funny having him in the house with all these women. Usually my girls will have friends over and there'll be 10 girls here and my husband. He lets everything roll off him, nothing bothers him. I'm very lucky.

How do you spend $500 at the grocery store?
Oh my god. You know, I have a big family and I could never seem to get it under that amount. It seems to be the magic number. I feed a lot of people at my house, having four kids, and they have friends over. 

We're looking forward to the rest of the season. You have a huge fan club at E!.
Thanks for watching the show! I love hearing that you love watching it over there. [Bravo] actually called me into the show after watching True Hollywood Story. They saw me on the Paris and Nicky documentary.

Did you bring Kim on then?

Nice sister you are.
[Laughs.] Ay yi yi. I figured it might be interesting! Not necessarily always fun. We do have fun together too. No one can make you laugh as much as a sister can. Obviously they can also get under your skin like nobody else too.

Are you Team Kyle or Team Camille? Tell us in the comments! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs tonight at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

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