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What could possibly be scarier than zombies?

How about Ken Jeong in drag!

Community has both tonight (grab your teddy bear), as the NBC comedy celebrates Halloween in hilarious fashion. Star Danny Pudi (Abed) gives the lowdown on what to expect...

It's Educational: You'll discover new ways to use toilet seat covers and toilet paper rolls. Did you know you can make a costume out of anything? Well you will after tonight's Community.

Get Ready for a "Zombie Flood"! That's an actual line of dialogue that will make sense tonight, I swear. The writers on this show are astonishing.

Action Sequences and Stunts: I promise all you Communies broken windows, climbing up bookcases, plenty of chases and awesome fight sequences. Even though we are a comedy, episodes like this give us a chance to be action heroes too.


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Costumania: Everyone's costume is hilarious. Troy (Donald Glover) and I go as a pair from a famous 1986 film featuring aliens. And the film may or may not be Aliens. But my favorite costume is Ken Jeong as Ben Chang, the ice skater. It's troubling, but hilarious. I almost would have preferred seeing him naked.

Everyone Goes Full-Out: The makeup, the hair, the lighting, the costumes, the directing, the camera work—so much hard work goes into one episode of Community, and this episode is a great example of that. I don't know how much the budget was on this one, but I'm sure it would make me wet my bed.

Zombies + Halloween = No Brainer: With The Walking Dead and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies coming out soon, this is a great way to get warmed up. It's a scary episode, but in typical Community fashion, it has a nice balance of sweetness and funny.


Tonight's episode of Community, "Epidemiology," airs at a special time: 8:30 p.m. on NBC.

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