TV Couples

Shonda Rhimes, we heart you.

Whether it was intentional or not, the Grey's Anatomy badass mastermind totally spoiled our spoiler game! And the taste of our own medicine is hilarious and sweet.

Here's the latest from Shonda herself on which fan-favorite TV couple is getting engaged...

Shonda Rhimes Twitter


Shonda tweeted this in response to your queries: "Someone's getting engaged? Where? Who?"

And many of you rightfully assumed that meant I am not talking about anyone on Grey's Anatomy. (For you who haven't been glued to this site the past few weeks—where have you been?—we have been playing a spoiler game where I will ultimately reveal a TV power couple getting engaged.)

So sayonara, Mark and Lexie! They are officially out of the running, and sorry for you fellow fans who were rooting for 'em! As your consolation prize, you will get one very cool episode of Grey's Anatomy tomorrow night (it's the documentary-style one I've been raving about).

And now, the remaining couples—one of whom will be getting engaged before the clock strikes 2011:

TV Couples
  • Michael and Holly, The Office
  • Chuck and Blair, Gossip Girl
  • Lois and Clark, Smallville
  • House and Cuddy, House

Any other show runners care to step in and eliminate a couple? Join the fun!

I'd also love to know who you think the engaged couple is, and who you would like it to be. Weigh down below in the comments and poll...

Side note: You saw Amy Ryan's return to The Office is set, right? Let the angels sing!

TV Couple Engagement Poll
Who do you think is getting engaged?
Who do you want it to be?
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