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UPDATE: We just got word that Tom Cruise has been offered a supporting role in the Rock of Ages movie. No word on his decision, but stay tuned.


Tom Cruise isn't exactly a song-and-dance man.

Sure, there was "You've Lost that Loving Feeling" in Top Gun and most recently he bumped booties with Jennifer Lopez when he performed as his Tropic Thunder alter ego Les Grossman during the MTV Movie Awards, but is he ready (and able, for that matter) to get all Hugh Jackman on us?

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Cruise's name is being bantered about for a role in the upcoming movie adaptation of Broadway's hair-band musical, Rock of Ages, according to sources. It's also been reported that Katy Perry is on the list of casting possibilities.

However, from what insiders are telling us, it sounds like the Mission: Impossible actor and the "I Kissed a Girl" singer haven't even been approached by producers or the studio…yet.

Cruise certainly has a strong connection to Rock of Ages flick. Its director, Adam Shankman, and Cruise wifey Katie Holmes are two of the cofounders of the Dizzy Feet Foundation, a nonprofit promoting dance to underprivileged kids. (And if Rock doesn't happen, Cruise can always reunite with J. Lo in that maybe-it'll-happen Les Grossman flick.)

When we caught up with Shankman just last week at Elle's Women in Hollywood event, he told us filming should begin in early March, but was tightlipped on casting. "There are a bunch of actor meetings this week, but there's nothing I can announce yet," he said.

Shortly after it was announced Shankman would be directing the film, reports claimed his pal Miley Cyrus was up for a starring role. "It's way too soon," Shankman told me when the rumor started almost a year ago. "I love it, though. She went to see the show and she loved it and then I had to email her and say, 'I hear you're starring in my movie. Fantastic! Congratulations!' It was just so crazy. She saw the show and that was all."

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