Just in time for Halloween comes a frightful tale from Daryl Hannah.

The 49-year-old Splash star is revealing for the first time that she was almost stuck in a mental institution.

And this isn't fiction.

In a segment airing this weekend on Biography's Celebrity Ghost Stories, the 49-year-old former mermaid spills her freaky story.

In a teaser clip, an eerie-sounding Hannah recounts her tale.

"I grew up on the 47th story of a building in downtown Chicago. So most of my life was spent in some kid of manmade structure. It was a very disconnected sense of reality for me," Hannah explains, leading up to her personal goblin story.

"My parents went through a divorce, that also caused me to be a little bit more withdrawn. I was about 7 years old and in school and my teachers told my mother there was really no reason for me to be there because they said I was there looking out the window all the time. Nothing was going in, Nothing was coming out.

"So they took me out of school, and put me through a battery of tests. All the the doctors did those Rorschach tests and everything and the doctors' summation of my situation was that I was somehow off because I was not communicative and I was not behaving like the rest of the kids. They thought I needed to be on some serious kind of treatment plan and that I should probably be institutionalized."

Hannah then recounts how how she met a mysterious woman who changed her life forever, per a Bio press release.

But is the woman real or not? We guess you'll have to tune in at 9 p.m. on Saturday for the answer.

Other stars relating their ghostly encounters are comedian Jeff Ross, who talks about hearing weird noises after his neighbor's suicide; Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who tells how he recovered from a devastating injury with the help of a woman who's not what she seems; Shanna Moakler, discussing a restless spirit; and Marilyn Manson, who says he paid the price for messing around with ancient texts when he was a teenager.

The star who likely has the funniest story: Joan Rivers. We just wonder who did the frightening.

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