Alex Rodriguez, Cameron Diaz

George Pimentel/Getty Images

Alex Rodriguez was spotted living it up in South Beach post Yankees and post Cameron Diaz.

The womanizer was partying with Miami newbie LeBron James this past Saturday at Fountainbleau's new fab club, Arkadia, the same night Cammy D. was out with Glee cutie Matthew Morrison.

Could that explain why A.R. was also seen getting his body into fighting shape then?

Stray-Rod was sweating up a storm at Equinox South Beach shortly after, where everybody goes to be seen working out their semi-sexy stuff.

Man looked like he was on a mission (wonder if he's seen Morrison's Vogue pics?), doing 80 minutes of cardio on the treadmill and the bike before hitting the weights to polish off his guns and chest. Braving it beachside, too, was...

Gabrielle Union, who faced her fears recently and went to Sunrise, Fla., to pay a visit to the doc for a little...eye surgery. Girlfriend sucked it up and faced what she thought to be a "fairly traumatic" experience and got Lasik once and for all to correct her astigmatism and poor nighttime vision—so she can no doubt be better able to see her Miami Heat MVP BF Dwyane Wade!

In fact, that's what she said after the procedure, for which she was dressed down in sweats: "I'll be seeing Dwyane in a whole different light now!"

And he you, babe! Dudes always live to be worshipped as thoroughly as possible, right?

Oh, yeah.

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