Michelle Obama Takes Anti-Bullying Message to Ellen: "All Young People Are Gifts to Us"

First lady emphasizes our "responsibility to not stay silent" when kids are being victimized

By Peter Gicas Oct 20, 2010 7:30 PMTags

It sounds like Michelle Obama is working to make every day Spirit Day. And that's a really good thing.

During her visit to the Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing Thursday, the first lady took time out to discuss the very troubling topic of bullying with the talk-show host.

"We need to start sending different messages to our kids," Obama said. "First of all, we need to let them know that it does get better. That the challenges they face for the few years that they're in high school or college, they can't let that eat them up. Because all of these young people, regardless of their race, their sexual orientation, they are gifts to us."

But the president's better half emphasizes that it is equally important for "the adults in the room to create the safe environments for our kids" as well.

"I tell my kids it is their responsibility to not stay silent when they see something like that happen," she said. "We're telling kids to speak up, we're telling others to speak up, and we're telling adults to look out for kids. We're all they have."

Obama was later joined by second lady Jill Biden, who thanked DeGeneres for filling up the studio audience with military families as part of her and Obama's efforts to raise awareness about the importance of supporting those who serve our country.

"You are doing exactly what we try to do, so that people will commit to an act of kindness for a military family," an appreciative Biden said.

"One of the things that Jill and I committed to do if we had the honor of being in these roles is we would use our platform to be that voice for those families," Obama added.