Jesse McCartney likes girls. He also admits that, on occasion, he likes to drink and party...and surf the web.

So when I paid him a visit Tuesday afternoon on the Long Beach set of his new music video for "Shake" (E! Online's first-ever livestream from a video set), I just had to ask him if he had ever done any late-night "creeping" on girls on Facebook or Twitter. The 23-year-old superstud (who I found to be a really cool guy, by the way) denies any Facebook "lurking," but as for Twitter...well, he did confess that @JesseMcCartney may be guilty of Tweeting Under the Influence (TUI) after a long night in the clubs.

Before I met him, I knew Jesse was a real star. But it takes a real man to confess to the ole' drunk dial. So, Jesse, here's a big bro' fist at ya for carrying the torch for guys everywhere guilty of TUI.

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