Kris Polaha

Jack Rowand / The CW

Greetings, gentle readers and fellow travelers of the blogosphere!

Kristoffer Polaha here in the last week of October with a special rerun-episode blog. Last week we left off with things heading south for Cate and Ryan, while passions were heating up for Baze and Emma. Lux is all tangled up with Eric, and Math is, well, where was Math last week?

How about a tease for the upcoming new episode: The gang is heading into the woods...

Math, Baze, Ryan, Cate, Lux, Tasha, Jones and Eric all go camping! It's part of a school function, and it's a great episode that's funny and sexy. There's a steamy montage involving three separate couples, but you have to watch to find out who's paired up with whom. Of course, you know it'll be heartwarming, too.

Kris Polaha

Jack Rowand / The CW

Here's a little trivia for you: The director of episode seven is the only man to live next door to the King and the Boss. Who is he? (Give your guesses in the comments section!)

I'm not writing, however, to tease.

I'm here to give a very special and very public shout-out to the people who are watching our show, supporting our show and to those special fans who are going above and beyond the call of duty by campaigning for our show online.

You blog about us, you review us week after week, you vote for us when you can, and you meet in fan forums to talk about your favorite moments, lines, characters, etc. What you may or may not know is that people at the CW read your comments. Liz Tigelaar reads your comments, as well. The cast as a whole looks over the reviews and blogs, and when they're supportive and encouraging, it gives all of us a huge lift. If it's honest, but a little like tough medicine, sometimes that keeps us on track, too!

After all, you are the reason for the season. If it weren't for our fans, who would we be talking to, acting for, writing for and selling ad time for?

I liken actors and movies and TV shows to football teams. We all have our favorite ones. For example, the fans of Ole Miss love Ole Miss football. They meet in the grove before the games, wearing their ties and blazers and dresses in red and blue. They live and die Rebel football, and it doesn't matter if they end up living in New York or L.A. or France, they will always love their Rebels.

For instance, my dad is a Notre Dame fan, and he instantly bonds with any Fighting Irish he meets on the street. He's a part of a community. Some people like Brad Pitt and the Steelers, some like Will Smith and the 49ers. Some people are die hard Dexter fans while others will settle for nothing less than Mad Men. People will watch a star grow like we watched Leonardo DiCaprio grow from Growing Pains to What's Eating Gilbert Grape to Titanic to Inception. He's gone from heartthrob to Scorsese's right-hand man. As fans, you either like him and follow his work with interest, pay the money to see his movies and support him or you don't. How big he gets is how broad his appeal is.

Kris Polaha

Jack Rowand / The CW

The same with shows, they either collect steam and build an audience and become something special or they fade away. All of this momentum depends on one thing: fans. People like you who turn on your TV and watch, who buy a magazine because your favorite actress is gracing the cover or buys a ticket opening weekend to be a part of the zeitgeist. And the result is that certain shows become popular, magazines keep selling, actors become stars, movies become blockbusters, and you, by being a fan, become a part of a larger community.

Like the rabid fans of sports, the same goes for fans and their actors, TV shows and movies. You love what you love and it bonds you with others who love the same thing. And because the spectator is the most important ingredient to any spectator event you, in effect, are the boss.

I remember reading an interview with Johnny Depp who is famous for being gracious to his fans, and he was quoted as saying he treats them with the same respect he would his boss. It's his fans that he's "working" for.

In short, you, our fans, the folks out there who have been watching our show, talking about our show, and going above and beyond for our show have been the reason we keep doing what we do. So we'd like to take this special opportunity to thank you, to our fans in America, to our fans in Canada, and China, the Philippines, India, Italy (and the Italian fan forum), France, Ireland, Australia and England. Thank to the fans in Hungary and Poland. And thank you to our fans in Central and South America—in short, the whole world over, a huge THANK YOU!

I'd personally like to thank the OG33, my fans on Facebook who are always supportive and Cristal Lopez (who also runs a fan forum), Natasha Lopez, Joy Marie Osowski and Shurkria Gagnon, and Keri Timmerman who sent me two little baby outfits for my new baby. And on behalf of all the actors and Liz Tigelaar, we'd love to thank those writers and bloggers who review us each week, to the critics and reporters who advocate on our behalf – in particular Megan Masters (from E!), Michael Ausiello, Natalie Abrams, Vlada from Staying In, Korbi Ghosh, Danielle Turchiano, Jim Halterman, Carina MacKenzie, Alix Sternberg, "We Heart TV," "Couple of Crumbs," and finally, Brian Stelter. From our little TV family to you, thank you.

Until next week, this is Kpo singing off.

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