Demi Moore

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Demi Moore—looking fab in a sheer tunic, tight leather pants, and black pumps—stepped out at last night's Glamour Reel Moments event in Hollywood (where Jessica Biel sans BF, Rachel Weisz, and Eva Mendes each debuted a short flick they directed).

And she let her jaw-dropping chic looks do the talking.

'Cause the babe skipped down the red carpet, hugging her gal pals and staying silent on all things Ashton—ya know, dodging all those nasty rumors the tabs are spreading about the married duo.

Can't say we blame her. Especially since she was classy enough to keep her Kutcher-kissing trap closed about another gal taking the tabloid heat:

Courteney Cox, of course.

C.C. and D.M. both directed a flick for last year's showing and Demi was perhaps hoping to bump into Court inside the theater. An insider at the event overheard Demi telling a pal she was so excited to see the films and asked if any other alumns were in attendance.

The friend informed Demi that Courteney was supposed to be there.

Demi immediately changed the subject and didn't bring Court up again. Even at the swanky after party—held at Hollywood hot spot Chateau Marmont—Demi dodged all questions concerning her famous friend.

But there was plenty Demi did chat about—like how important it is for chicks to get behind the camera "and direct."

Demi holed up with a pack of her pals—including funny gal Anna Faris—at the after-hours event and lead a solid 20 minute convo about how lame it is that women are expected to stay home and that they really need to "take the driver's seat" and ditch the apron stuff, pronto!

Uh, not sure how many house-chicks working the kitchen patrol in Milwaukee have that same behind-the-lens opportunity as do you, sister, but we get the point. And agree with it, too!

While the super-svelte gal seemed to be hiding from other partygoers amongst the large group of women, she 'fessed that "nothing" would have stopped her from coming out to support women directing.

Rumors of a problem-plagued marriage, included.

—With Additional Reporting by John Boone

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