Balthazar Getty Coming Back to Brothers & Sisters

Actor will return for show's 100th episode with a certain someone in tow...

By Kristin Dos Santos Oct 26, 2010 6:10 PMTags
Balthazar Getty, Brothers and SistersABC/SCOTT GARFIELD

Brothers & Sisters is about to hit the big 100 (episodes, that is), and sources confirm to me exclusively they're bringing back a certain AWOL star to celebrate: Balthazar Getty.

And he may even bring with him a "crazy" new...


Clarification: Balthazar's character, Tommy, may introduce a new girlfriend, so it seems that onscreen, he's moved on from his ex-wife/baby mama Julia (Sarah Jane Morris).

The girlfriend storyline is still a bit up in the air, however, as I'm told the script is still being written and subject to change.

According to ABC, the 100th episode is slated to air sometime in January.

Anyone else you'd love to see return for the big hurrah? Rob Lowe? Emily VanCamp? Sarah Jane? Make your pleas now before the ink dries on those scripts...