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By Kristin Dos Santos Oct 26, 2010 12:14 AMTags
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Want to know who's coming back—or not—to Smallville? What's up with Mark Salling on Glee? Whether there's any hope for Life Unepected? Click in for the latest exclusive TV scoop...

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Redmond: The CW picked up everything except for Life Unexpected. What gives? Is it canceled?
No…t yet. I'm told that no official decision has been made by the CW suits as of today, but it's "not looking good" at the moment. We should know "pretty soon." So if you're a fan, you know what to do: Cross all your fingers and toes (or does that negate the first cross? I always forget) and tell every single person/animal/alien you know to tune into Life Unexpected Tuesday night on the CW.

Addy in New York City: I haven't heard much from you guys about The Walking Dead. Have you seen it, and if so, what did you think?
The Walking Dead is awesome...and scary, with incredible makeup and special effects. (Check out our video sneak peek!) Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd told us, TWD is more than just zombie-killing fun: "It's the emotional resonance of decisions you have to make when you survive and a loved one hasn't"—like one character's zombie wife, who lurches home every day because he doesn't have the heart to kill her.

Monica: Gossip Girl!
The hot boys just keep rolling in... Kevin Zegers (Damian) tells us he's doing one episode of Gossip Girl and will be back for a couple more later in the season. Who'll he be romancing this time? If only Kristen Bell were here to give us the goods!


Dennis: What's the word on Puck and Rachel on Glee? I'm so tired of all the Finn and Rachel news. When are Puck and Rachel getting back together?
Sorry, but Ryan Murphy was totally serious when he said that there's nothing in the works for Puck and Rachel anytime soon. My condolences to any and all Puckleberry lovers. Something tells me someone is getting some lovin', though. Though Ryan wanted to keep the storyline as much of a secret as possible, my frenemy reveals that Chris Colfer and Darren Criss are singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" lends further proof that eventually, they will be more than friends.

Rebecca: What's the deal on Brothers & Sisters? I hated last night's episode for Kevin and Scotty.
I join you in your hatred, missy girl. But fear not, I'm told things will work out. In other B&S news that is not BS (see what I did there?), I'm told that Dave Annable's real-life now wife Odette Yustman will be sticking around for a few more episodes as his love interest, so it seems that (holy shocker!) there is chemistry there. Also, word is they are just now starting to cast Olivia; Richard Chamberlain will be on roughly three episodes and have heavy scenes with Ron Rifkin; and Nora's new love interest Karl isn't going to make it past the midseason mark.

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Meri in Utah: Any dish on The Vampire Diaries?
You know how Katherine likes to pretend she's Elena, just for kicks? Well, Elena's about to take a page from her doppelgänger's book. She pretends to be Katherine in an upcoming ep.

Monica: Any chance Mason will be back on Vampire Diaries?
I'd bet my favorite moonstone he won't. I'm told the death will stick.

Heather: Got any really good spoilers on Supernatural? Impress me!
I'd love to bring you the whole enchilada, but I've been told to only sprinkle a little sauce your way on this one because it's a big reveal. I'm told there's a really cool twist coming up regarding something that is missing. I know. I can't believe I just told you all that too! It's like you just watched the whole rest of the season!

@themagicoflaura (via Twitter): Anything on FNL or 90210! :D
I'll take FNL FTW! The final season of Friday Night Lights starts this Wednesday on DirecTV and is not to be missed. I know. You are so shocked that his quality show is, like, quality! But true story: I loved the season premiere. Tami reunites with her hubby at his school, Julie has all grown-up girl stuff going on (moving away to college), and the new QB Grey Damon (who was also the new quarterback on True Blood last season—but this time isn't hooked on "V") is totally drool-worthy. Plus, I've heard a thing or two about how the series wraps up, and at least one storyline is so giddy-good just the mention of it brought tears to my eyes. Either I'm that pathetic (don't answer) or it will be that good.

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Heather: Any word on Michael Rosenbaum returning to Smallville?
I wish! But not as much as the producers and Tom Welling wish. That's what I'm hearing from sources—that Smallville producers have asked him to come back for the final season, but so far, Michael has not signed on. I'm told Tom himself also reached out to ask (beg?) him, but again, so far, no dice. Who's got a plane that can skywrite? Let's get creative, people! In other spoilery (and related!) news I'm told that Tess is a ******. Any guesses on which letters fill in those six blanks?

Veronica: Will Kristin Kreuk or Annette O'Toole return to Smallville?
I'm told there's nothing in the works right now on Kristin but Annette is likely to return. Tip: Don't forget to put gas in that skywriting plane before you take it out to skywrite all your Smallville casting pleas.

Beth in Hollywood, Calif.: Do you know anything more about Teri Hatcher's part of Smallville?
Have a box of Kleenex handy for this one, because Smallville bosses Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson tell us Teri Hatcher's role as Lois Lane's mom, Ella, is a major tearjerker. Apparently someone close to a crew member found out she was dying, so she "sat down and made these videos for her child. What we did with Ella Lane was pull that into the show because it was so heart wrenching," says Brian. "It came together beautifully," adds Kelly. "I just watched three takes and I had to stop for awhile because it was so heart wrenching. Teri just had an incredible performance, and it was beautiful." 

Athena: So excited for the January return of Big Love. Any scoop?
Chloë Sevigny tells us, "I think that finally you see the Henricksons having to deal with some consequences, for their actions and for their lifestyle. And they are finally getting a little bit of comeuppance."


Riley in Palm Desert, Calif.: Peter Weller (aka RoboCop) deserved an Emmy nomination for his guest spot in Fringe—are we going to see more of him in Dexter?
Dexter is going guest star to the max! The inimitable Peter Weller returns as Quinn's (Desmond Harrington) private Doakes dick; joining him are Chris Vance (Mental, Burn Notice) as security chief for motivational speaker Jordan Chase (Eli Stone's Jonny Lee Miller). You knew Boyd's creepy "Take it now!" tapes would come back to haunt us, right?

Jojo via Twitter: I need to know what's going to happen with Lumen on Dexter. The tension is killing me!
You're not the only one! Next week Dex finally targets a fresh kill—but as usual, things don't go smoothly. This botched attempt leads to a hilariously staged murder scene—but also a deeper, trusting relationship between Dexter and Lumen (Julia Stiles). We just wish we didn't have to see that bloody bathtub again. Don't people take showers anymore?

Marion in California: Got anything on Will and Alicia in The Good Wife?
When the Lockhart & Gardner team has to leave a fundraising dinner early, Peter and Will's new lady, Tammy (Elizabeth Reaser), have time to chat. Tammy drops some not-so-subtle hints about Will being in love in college and now. Needless to say it just adds to Peter's long list of growing suspicions. On a related note, anyone else wishing for a Will and Alicia at Georgetown flashback episode?

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Brandon: Hot mother of all, when will Teddy come out of the closet on 90210? Also, dying to know if Annie and Liam will get back together?
Actually, I'm only the mother of 1.5, but to answer your first question: Next year. And to answer your second question: Soon. That's the word on the scoop batphone anyway.

Megan in New York: Any news on my fave guilty pleasure 90210?
Shenae Grimes is the new Bette Davis, yes? This theory will be tested when 90210 launches an All About Eve storyline for Annie. Annie's cousin Emily comes to visit Beverly Hills and steal away all of Annie's acting jobs and friends while deceptively pretending to be a clueless naïf from the sticks. Interesting…Any casting ideas from the Lucy Hale/Willa Holland/SMG division of tiny fierce actresses?

Jamie in North Carolina: Got anything on No Ordinary Family?
Jim has been keeping a secret from Stephanie, J.J.'s superpower secret finally comes out, and Daphne's powers uncover a student/teacher relationship that is practically an epidemic on TV these days. Also, the Powells might not be the only supers in town. They're getting new neighbors who are harboring a secret—so either this new family has powers too, or they're hiding a homicidal relative in their basement, à la Desperate Housewives back in the day.

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Berrycar via Twitter: Got anything on Chuck?
Jeffster is getting some fun-filled airtime tonight on Chuck's awesome "Aisle of Terror" Halloween episode. Says Scott Krinsky (Jeff): "We're given the task of decorating the Buy More for Halloween, [which becomes] another little mission for Jeff and Lester." Adds Vik Sahay (Lester): "[This is] yet again an instance where their worlds cross over into Chuck's world." Translation: Danger ensues. Also, NBC is having a fun virtual viewing party tonight on Philo (for both East and West Coasts!) to support the show, so just click here if you want to join in and the rest is easy.

Jesse in Carlsbad, Calif.: What's coming up on Cougar Town?
An Andy (Ian Gomez)-centric episode, that's what. Our favorite Cougar Towner (shhh, don't tell!) is about to ponder his place in the cul-de-sac crew and whether or not he would even be a part of it—better yet, if he'd even be friends with Jules (Courteney Cox)—if he hadn't married Ellie (Christa Miller). Don't worry, Penny Can will live to see another day, it's just a fun look at Jules and Andy's attempt to become besties without his wife hanging around.

Terri in Georgia: Cougar Town has turned into such a great ensemble show—more people should watch. Got any scoop?
We'll soon be meeting Grayson's ex-wife. Hope Jules isn't the jealous type...

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Boris in New Jersey: The Office Halloween episodes are always epic. What can we expect from this season's installment?
Get ready to see The Office's version of Lady Gaga, Bill Compton, Sookie Stackhouse, a sexy nurse (from an unexpected Dunder Mifflinite), Popeye and his ladylove Olive Oyl, MacGruber, Michael Moore, Kevin in drag, a shirtless Andy and a bucktoothed Michael—and guess what? Most of these things aren't even part of the Halloween costume contest! Oh, and the return of Michael's always offensive BFF Todd Packer.

Gail: What's coming up on Community?
If you liked Community's paintball episode "Modern Warfare" last season, you'll love this week's Halloween zombie adventure, "Epidemiology." It's on the same action-movie scale, plus there are crazy-scary special effects and some un-freaking-believable "undead" makeovers.

wingster55 via Twitter: I'd like to know if Community is going to return to romantic subplots again (Jeff/Britta, etc.).
As of now, what you see is what you get. The subtle flirty moments (à la Troy and Britta in the space bus episode) between characters will pop up every so often, but right now romance between the gang is on the backburner. 

Jessica in Portland, Ore.: Yay for a full season of Hellcats! Any scoop?
If you're still a little anti-Alice (Heather Hemmens), you might actually switch teams in the not so distant future. Hellcats will soon be introducing Alice's rough-around-the-edges dad and his very young wife, and we'll finally get to see why she's as messed up as she is, and learn that there's a much softer side to the bitchy cheer gal.

Melody in Kentucky: I love Raising Hope. Dish!
In case you didn't see it, check out our scoopy convo with Raising Hope show runner Greg Garcia! Plus, we can tell you that tomorrow night's Halloween ep is a big one for Jimmy and Sabrina, who finally have their first date. Sort of.

Edward: Looking forward to the return of Burn Notice in a few weeks. Will Coby Bell still be around in the new eps?
Yes, Coby Bell is still on Burn Notice when it returns Nov. 11 (hallelujah!), even though he's feeling a little (understandably) snippy about having been taken advantage of by Michael, Fiona and Sam. (Dear Burn Notice Powers That Be: Can we please keep Coby for the duration of the series? Pleeeeasse?! Thanks!)

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Arrow, Megan Masters, Drusilla Moorhouse & Christina Dowling