TV Couples

See all those shiny, happy, glowy faces up there? Well, two of them have a secret that only we know: They're getting engaged!

Click in to see which TV power couple is being eliminated from the running today, leaving us with only five couples...

TV Couples

It's not Penny and Leonard from The Big Bang Theory. Sorry, nerd lovers—and lovers of lovers—everywhere.

The final couples in the running are:

  • House and Cuddy, House
  • Lois and Clark, Smallville
  • Michael and Holly, The Office
  • Chuck and Blair, Gossip Girl
  • Mark and Lexie, Grey's Anatomy

Now, your hint for today: The producers recently did something very misleading to make you think this couple is not getting engaged. Naughty, naughty...However, they will be getting engaged before the calendar year is up.


Got a hanky?

You'll need it.

P.S.: Remember how I said I'd be eliminating one couple every Wednesday? Well, either I need to get myself a new calendar or I'm that giving that I just up and decided to throw you another awesome-sauce elimination today. Confession: It's the latter but I'm far too modest to tell.

MORE: He may or may not be getting engaged, but check out our latest Spoiler Chat for scoop on how Steve Carell's Michel Scott will be leaving The Office.

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