Breaking news you will only read here, people: Sam Page is hot! 

What's that? You already knew that already since he's been dripping his gorgeousness all over your TV lineup these days (Gossip Girl, Mad Men, Desperate Housewives, Greek, The Event, etc.)?

Fine. But what you didn't know is what he revealed to us about his G.G. character Colin and secrets he may be hiding...

Can we trust Colin? Knowing the ways of the Gossip Girl world, probably not. But for now, he and "S" (Blake Lively) are heating up the small screen and Sam is loving every minute of it.

"Colin is a fellow that is a terrifically successful, young, financier," Sam tells us with a laugh. "He's written a best-selling business acumen book, I believe it's called Winning: How to Succeed in Business, and he's taken quite a shine to Serena."

Sure, it's Serena that Colin has set his sights on (which we'll see lots of in tonight's episode—as in lots of skin!), but there's more to it.

"Colin is more involved with a handful of the cast of characters than you initially think," says Sam. So secrets abound with the new addition? All Sam will say is: "Colin is somebody where the still and glistening waters run deep."

Tonight's Gossip Girl marks the second of Sam's four episodes, so we're thinking all those secrets are going to start trickling out sooner than he'd like. But who knows? Maybe he's a good guy, and the Powers That Be over on G.G. will leave the scheming up to professional sneakster Juliet (Katie Cassidy). Or...maybe not.

Don't miss Sam's latest TV pit stop (and your favorite guilty pleasure) tonight at 8 p.m. on the CW.

WATCH: See Kristin on E! News every Wednesday at 7 and 11:30 p.m.!

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