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With all the hubbub about Jennifer and Steven what's-their-names coming to American Idol, you may have missed the memo that original-flavor Paula Abdul is heading back to TV, too. Her new show  Live to Dance With Paula Abdul is in production now, and she just chatted up our own Ryan Seacrest to hint at an onscreen reunion. Could it really happen? Here's what she said:

During his KIIS FM radio show this morning, Ryan teasingly asked Paula if the show had a host (it does), and when Ryan pretended to be wounded at the news that he was being shut out of that job, Paula responded, "I'm sure there could be a shared opportunity here somewhere along the way, because I don't think you work enough." Seacrest said, laughing, "I'm just saying, it's hard to find chemistry! Once you have it, once in a lifetime, why re-create lightning?

Paula also revealed that despite being two years out from her days at the Idol judges' desk, she hasn't really left it behind. "You can't pay for that kind of schooling. You can't put a price tag on it. And you apply things that were tried and true that worked great—and then you take some bold and daring steps to open up people's eyes to something that's new."

Still, Paula produces as well as headlines the reality series, and she's finding, like Ryan before her, that having a million jobs is not so easy. "There has not been a lot of personal time," Paula admitted to Ryan. "I need to take some lessons from you. How in the heck do you juggle it?"

Ryan replied with a laugh, "I haven't juggled it for many, many years, as you know, so I'm trying to juggle it now!" (Awww, we love it when Ryan obliquely refers to his relationship with DWTS babe Julianne Hough. Too cute!)

Will you be watching Live to Dance With Paula Abdul when it premieres next year? Or are you going so far as to audition in Los Angeles later this week?

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