Katy Perry, Russell Brand


India was very good to Katy Perry and Russell Brand (have you seen so much as a glimmer of their wedding festivities? Didn't think so).

But the newlyweds may not have been so good to India in return.

At least depending on the outcome of the investigation into their vow swap.

The couple doesn't do anything non-controversial and their big day fits that M.O. nicely. Turns out, the Perry-Brand party had a little too good a time celebrating their wedding, and the event, held in a tiger sanctuary—already something of a sacred and culturally important place—may have violated any number of local laws, particularly those having to do with noise and disturbance. (We're guessing that pre-wedding photographer scrum didn't help, either.)

It's not just local troublemakers stirring the pot, though, as chief minister of the State of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot, visited the sanctuary shortly after the wedding to investigate the claims. An inquiry into the debacle has been ordered by the state government and, should further questioning be required, they could possibly detain Brand, Perry, the wedding guests and organizers of the event. Should they take it all the way, the group could also be called to court.

But they'd have to catch them first!

Presumably blissfully unaware of the controversy brewing in India, Perry and Brand embarked on their honeymoon Monday (they're about 12 1/2 hours ahead), boarding a helicopter near their wedding site at Ranthambhore National Park, flying to Jaipur and then taking a chartered flight to the Maldives. It may possibly prove to be something of a group holiday, as friends reportedly joined them on the flight.

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