We exposed you to Levi Johnston's work in Brittani Senser's video for "After Love." And now it's time for Bristol Palin to have her say in song.

And we've got the premiere for you, right here.

The Dancing With the Stars hoofer appears in the new clip for Alaskan rockers Static Cycle and their "Inside This World of Mine." The group, dubbed "the biggest band in Alaska," have opened for Daughtry, and singer Jared Navarre appeared on E! News to talk about Bristol, the video and more.

So check out the clip. It may not have any allusions to Sarah Palin in it, but it's a thundering ballad that features frozen landscapes, an extremely cool club and a young woman who holds the key to warming things up. (Levi's video appearance is below, if you need a reminder of his work.)

So whose video rocks your world more?

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