Cameron Diaz, Matthew Morrison

Hellmuth Dominguez,

Are Matthew Morrison and Cameron Diaz trying to do the unthinkable?

That is, get everyone to stop talking about that racy GQ photo shoot?

Who knows? The actress and Glee's ab-dorable Mr. Schuster made a very adorable carpool after leaving the two-year-anniversary of Bardot presented by Jason Scoppa in Hollywood Saturday night.

But lest you think this has to be a romantic encounter, the pair were joined by actress Joanna Garcia so...well, it still could be a blooming relationship, but let's hear from someone who was there.

"They definitely came together and sat together," said a source, who says that both were totally enjoying the music. "Cameron would lean over and chat with Matthew, but it didn't seem too flirty."

We also hear that the trio hung out with one another all night.

"Diaz and Garcia seemed tight and had a great time. Matthew and Cameron had some one-on-one time in the lounge, but nothing seemed too intimate. Matthew seemed to be a huge gentleman and genuinely cared for both ladies the entire night."

Aww, he sounds like a great guy even when he's offscreen. 

—Additional reporting by Cristina Gibson

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