Mel Gibson

Brian Zak/Sipa Press

There is a downside, you know, to the shunning of Mel Gibson.

Instead of Mel Gibson, at work, acting on set of The Hangover 2, you'll have Mel Gibson, in exile, brooding in Malibu.

And you know what happens when Gibson broods…


Rants get ranted. N-words get dropped. Ugliness happens.  

This is not to suggest that Zach Galifianakis or anyone else involved in The Hangover 2 should have consented to employ Gibson solely in order to otherwise occupy the man's—how should we say?—active mind.

This is to suggest that, well, would it have killed them to let him think he had a job, even for a little while?

Look at it this way: Every day Gibson's learning someone else's lines, he doesn't have time to use his own. That right there is a plan to beautify the nation. Especially its voicemail.

Yes, it all could've worked perfectly.

Right up until Gibson learned Liam Neeson actually got the gig.

That might've started some more brooding.

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