Mark Salling


As much as we wish Mark Salling would ditch his clothes for Playgirl (how dare he tease us with his answer), we are glad the Glee stud isn't tossing aside his vocal cords anytime soon.

Even though his solo album Pipe Dreams comes out tomorrow, Mark tells us—as if we had any doubt—that Glee is still very much on his priority list:

"I've always been singing, making a solo album isn't something I just decided to do," Salling told us at his record release party hosted by BlackBerry.

Fun fact: Mark is the first member of his cast to put out an album.

"There was no rush to get it out first," spoke Mark on those ridiculous rumors about a rift on the set. "Everyone [in the cast] has been supportive."

So if drama with his cast members isn't motivating Salling to jot down some ballads, what is?

"Typical love and loss I guess," the cutie dished. Think it's safe to say it's those girls' loss!

"'Pipe Dreams', the title track, is probably the most honest song," M.S. 'fessed. "There are things like being humbled when you meet someone in a less fortunate situation than you that can be very inspiring."

And who said Glee men were just pretty faces? Or yummy abs?

The album is out tomorrow, and Mark, what do you think about making a deal:

What number of albums would it take to sell to get you to take off just a little for Playgirl? We won't be picky and ask for all of it, even. Name the number and Gleeks will get to buyin'.

Deal, everybody?

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