Katy Perry


Did Katy Perry commit some kind of extreme cultural faux pas?

Web chatter has centered on her newest accessory, suggesting that the bridal nose bling she's been sporting during her matrimonial sojourn to India is actually on the wrong side of her schnoz—indicating not that she's a blushing bride-to-be, but actually a lady of the night.

So who's right, Perry or the haters?

First the backstory: Perry was first spotted wearing the jewelry when she and Russell Brand touched down at Sanganer Airpot in Jaipur.

Perry got the ring—known as a nath—apparently to follow traditional Indian wedding custom. Hers comes equipped with a yellow gold chain that connects to her right ear.

But is she, as some insist, sending the wrong signal by wearing the ring incorrectly?

We asked an expert to weigh in.

"It is too deep into the culture nowadays for people to follow it seems. Now it is your personal choice," said a spokesperson at the Bharatiya Vidya Institute of Indian Culture. "It is only a decoration of the married woman, it's no longer significant, even in most of India. It's become your choice. No one is very particular about doing it the correct way.If she's going to wear it, it's what she wants."

There you have it: Katy is not a hooker, just a fashionable bride.

UPDATE: Looks like that might not be a nose ring after all. Katy appears to be sportin' these D'Arcy sunglasses by A-Morir, which retail for $260 a pop. Still, aren't you glad you just learned so much about Indian culture?



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