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Turns out, sending Lindsay Lohan back to rehab in lieu of jail wasn't as light a sentence as first thought.

While indefatigable attorney Shawn Chapman Holley said in court that LiLo was "trying her best" and "would like to remain in Betty Ford," the report filed by her probation officer with the court this morning tells a bit of a different story…

View the probation report

In addition to other obvious statements by her medical team—Lindsay began treatment at Betty Ford on Sept. 28 and initially denied any dependence on drugs, but has since opened up and admitted to feelings of powerlessness as well as an addiction—there included quite an interesting statement from her P.O.

Particularly to those growing fans either curious or concerned about the state of Lindsay's finances. (Man cannot live on product placement alone.)

Despite Lohan telling the officer, "I feel good," as a result of her treatment, turns out she also attempted to make quite the persuasive argument as to why she should no longer participate in the rehab program, deeming the treatment a financial hardship.

"She indicates she cannot afford to continue to pay for the treatment program and she needs to work," the report stated. "The defendant states her clothing line is falling apart because she is not available to monitor the product."

Lindsay also claimed that she needed to be free from inpatient treatment, as she was due to begin work on a film in November (could it be Inferno?), which would bring in some much-needed funds.

In exchange for being excused from rehab and allowed to work on the Linda Lovelace story, Lindsay was willing to continue wearing a SCRAM bracelet through December.

Well, while Judge Elden Fox was clearly sympathetic to her cause (his leniency proved that), he was not moved enough to excuse her from what is clearly a much-needed routine in her life.

Earlier today, Lohan's SCRAM bracelet was removed and the starlet is ostensibly already on her way back to rehab, where she will remain until Jan. 3.

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