Taylor Momsen

Kevin Mazur/Wireimage

Spotted: 17-year-old, raccoon-eyed wild-child Taylor Momsen flashing her boobs on stage last night.

But she wasn't shooting a racy scene for Gossip Girl. Instead, Taylor was performing at a Paper magazine party with her band The Pretty Reckless.

HollywoodLife got video of her flashing her (supposedly pasty-clad) chest at the crowd.






Quick tip: Forward to about 1:05 for the (censored) skin show.

So what did her show's network, The CW, have to say about Taylor's titillation?


"No comment," a CW rep tells me regarding Tay's peep show.

And, yes, we get it Taylor.

You like to provoke. You like to talk about vibrators and masturbating.

But at this point, you'd surprise us more by covering yourself up, washing off your eye makeup and not going for cheap shock value at every opportunity.

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