Playgirl Ready to Offer $100,000 for Glee Hunks

Glee cast’s controversial GQ shoot leaves Playgirl wanting to help make things even racier

By Ted Casablanca, Taryn Ryder Oct 22, 2010 5:30 PMTags
Chord Overstreet, Cory Monteith, Mark Salling, Matthew MorrisonFrazer Harrison/Getty Images; AP Photo/Matt Sayles; Jason Merritt/Getty Images; AP Photo/Evan Agostini

We really have to thank the Parents Television Council for their big stinkfest over the supersexy Glee photos in GQ. The PTC created such a stir over the risqué pics' innuendo of underage sexuality, they ended up boosting their popularity! It probably would have been best to leave them be. Just sayin'.

Otherwise, Playgirl probably wouldn't now be wanting to do what GQ did for the scantily clad Lea Michele and Dianna Agron, both of whom look like they're ready to film a newer, even sexier version of Lolita.

Now guess which Glee guy the nudie mag is prepared to offer 100 grand to just to take it off?

Hunky blondie quarterback Chord Overstreet, the newbie stud-muffin on the block!

"And he doesn't even have to take it all off," said a rep for Playgirl, which last put Bristol Palin's former boyfriend, Levi Johnston, in their pages. And for the record, we're hearing Johnston didn't get anywhere near the dough Playgirl's prepared to dole out for the 21-year-old Overstreet.

Any other Glee hunks the skin rag wants to get to strip?

"Yeah," said the rep, "that Mark Salling who plays Puck. We would definitely want him. We would be very willing to pay for them both—up to 100 thousand. And it wouldn't have to be fully X-rated, either."

Marc and Chord will be relieved, we're sure. But what about those dork hunks Matthew Morrison and Cory Monteith, aren't they wanted by Playgirl's editors, as well?

"Uh, yeah," we were told. Not exactly convincingly. "But you know, they're more adorkable."

Precisely, which is what we here at the A.T. feel makes them both so superhot!

Just in case Playgirl strikes out with getting any of the Glee dudes to take it off, guess who they're also currently gunning for to disrobe?

"The freed Chilean miners." How...interesting. "We want five of them. $10,000 each. And I'm sure they could use the money," piped the Playgirl rep.

Yeah, but let's hope Chord and Mark could use it more.

What do you say Mark, Interested?

"Wow...really? A 100 thousand to keep my clothes on? I'll only do it if I can take my clothes off," Salling laughed last night when we filled him in on the offer at his record release party for Pipe Dreams (more on that fab stuff Monday) hosted by BlackBerry.

We wish you weren't joking!

As for what Salling and Overstreet's Glee costars say about the Playgirl offer?

E! News talked to Josh Sussman at the BBM Lounge last night too, and he's pretty shocked...that Cory Monteith wasn't included!

"It's actually fifty-fifty between Cory and Mark—who the girls have crushes on," Sussman dishes. "They're like, 'Oh I like Mark because he's the bad boy. But Finn, Cory, he's the nice guy.' Plus, he has his shirt off any chance he has in the episodes!"

Sounds like Cory might be your man, Playgirl.