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Voting is getting tighter as we up the ick factor in each round of our Spooky Sex Life competition. Whereas the first poll was a landslide, Round 2 had two front runners—tho, the couple we find totally terrifying ended up on top, so kuddos to you all.

That said, as Katie Holmes and hubby Tom Cruise lead the Scientology way into the third round of terribly twisted twosomes, we're dying to see which haunted humpers you think are the absolute worst.

So which duo's bedroom blunders makes you want to scream bloody murder? Vote now:

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: Need we say anything? In case you didn't know from their overabundance of lovely-dovey, totally gag-worthy PDAs, Tomkat are the perfect celeb couple...or so they'd like you to think. But somewhere between Katie looking like she's a Xenu prisoner and Tom assaulting Oprah's couch, we just can't get behind this libido-loser.

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives: Don't know who Kody and his peppy polygamist herd are? Well lucky you! Let's just say one hippie-wannabe husband and four less than gorge wives does not an awesome sex life make. And yet they seem to be getting it on quite regularly—there's 16 kids amongst the five of ‘em. Barf.

Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene: We know what you're thinking: What the heck is a virginal Jonas Brother doing on this list? Well ever since he ditched his purity ring for Neurogasm sex drinks with his more experienced GF, we're left wondering. Or not wanting to, as the case may be. Too much, uh...passion.

Renée Zellweger and Bradley Cooper: Power couple? More like power snoozefest. If coffee dates and Pottery Barn outings get you hot and bothered, then this couple is for you. If not then you probably understand why R.Z. is a vacuum that sucks the sexy out of any guy she touches. Sorry, B, we liked you better solo!

The winner from this feared foursome will move on to compete in the finals next week against couples chosen from three other rounds of coitus-digustingus competitors.

Round Four starts Monday!

Spooky Celebrity Sex Life, Round 3:
Which celeb couple¿s sex life scares you the most?
Thanks for voting!
Come back Monday for Round 4!
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