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Don't say we didn't warn you

Now that you know the identity of the major character dying on The Vampire Diaries, it's time for a postmortem. Join us for an exclusive sit-down with the dearly departed, and learn how the death opens up big storylines for another major character...

Sniffle. Sorry guys, we know how much you loved Taylor Kinney's Mason Lockwood, and yes, it's true, he's dead and gone. We sat down with Taylor himself to discuss the death, his abs and what this means for the future of The Vampire Diaries. He told us that Mason's passing opens up big storylines for Tyler (Michael Trevino), and that he always knew the ax would fall on Mason sooner rather than later. 

We also asked if that Mason were ever to be magically resurrected, what would that do to change the beloved character, and Taylor told us, "He'd be a supernasty beast that would kill everyone—he'd be so pissed off! I hope he'd have even more superpowers. [He should] come back from the dead with even more [power]."

We also inquired about the Mason-Katherine (Nina Dobrev) alliance, and Taylor told us, "Who's the ringleader, Katherine or Mason? Mason! Come on! No, the thing is, give Katherine credit for everything, but I don't think Mason's that naive." 

Are you guys distraught over losing Uncle Mason? Would you like to see him return or would you prefer that his death remain permanent? Hit the comments with your reaction to this big twist!

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