David Arquette, Courteney Cox


As if we even have to say it: Hollywood isn't always the classiest of places—especially when it comes to a high profile couple calling it quits.

Which is why we're so confused by Courteney Cox and David Arquette's recent post-split activity. Instead of talking trash about each other in the tabloids, the two are hitting up horse shows together.

What the ef?

It's because this twosome knows how to handle their personal biz with class. And yes, we're including David.

Sure, the dude may go totally TMI blabbing about his mistakes, but at least it's his indiscretions he's fessing up to and not slinging dirt at Court. You can't hate him for being honest, can you?

It's refreshing to see two folks go through a very public split—one including an attention whore and celeb conquering convict—without resorting to the usual T-town trash.

And while we're told it's "doubtful" that the two will reconcile their differences, it is nice to see them coming together for their daughter, Coco, instead of launching into nasty custody battles and public feuding.

Both loving parents were out over the weekend for their daughter's horse show and were apparently quite chummy, rubbing each others back and hugging multiple times.

Can we nominate them for parents of the year? Don't think they'll have too much trouble winning against the likes of Dina Lohan.

On second thought, we're not too surprised these two are handling the big S in such a tasteful manor. Court, especially, saw it done first hand by bestie Jennifer Aniston when she kept her tactful lips (mostly) zipped in the wake of her tabloid-cover divorce.

Three cheers for Courteney! Maybe just two for David.

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