The cast of The Challenge: Cutthroat can only imagine the challenge facing T.J. Lavin in the real world.

But of course the assorted team players and backstabbers participating in the 20th season of the Real World-Road Rules competition want the show's host and voice of reason back at full strength.

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"T.J., you're always pushing us to our limits, encouraging us to hang in there, and now we want you to do the same," bad-boy turned elder statesman Abram Boise said in a special message added to Wednesday's episode.

"And if there's anyone who's not a quitter, it's you," added Cara Marie Sorbello.

Chet Cannon concluded the well-wishes, saying, "Hang in there, get well, and we'll see you soon."

That's the result everyone's hoping for, anyway.

The BMX pro suffered a head injury in a crash last Thusrday at the Dew Tour Championship in Las Vegas. He was rushed to nearby University Medical Center, where doctors induced a coma to ease swelling around his brain.

Lavin also shattered his wrist and broke several ribs.

He remains in the coma and is also fighting pneumonia, likely brought on by the breathing tube that's helping to keep him alive.

Doctors are expecting the 33-year-old dirt-jumper to come out of the coma once they unhook him from the machines, his friend and business manager Chas Aday told People.

"Getting the tube out is the big thing," Aday said. "That's what's holding him back. "Once they get the tube out, he could be home two, three, maybe four days later...They don't know. It could be a week. It could be two weeks. It really depends on the antibiotics."

Lavin's mother told the magazine today that her son appears to be responding to the medication.

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