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Happy Spirit Day, everyone!

Brittany Snow hosted a Love is Louder event at Trousdale in Hollywood last night where we chatted with Lance Bass about the movement to stop bullying.

"It's really important to me and it hits home obviously because I once was bullied, I once was a bully, and I'm gay," Lance said.

So what did he have to say about Perez Hilton—a guy who bragged about being the one to out Lance—vowing to stop cyber bullying celebs?

"I saw that," Bass said nodding his head. "I hope it's sincere. It's good that he takes that responsibility because I do believe that he's one of the reasons it taught the younger generation how to cyber bully. He started that. I mean, he outed me."

Added Lance:

"Things are just starting to change, so it's so nice to see that people are standing up for other people instead of tearing other people down, like we've gotten used to online.

"But going back to the Perez thing, I gotta say, Perez did help me the last two days when I was being cyber bullied by someone," Bass 'fessed.

Lance told us that just in the last couple of days someone was messaging him and threatening to release very private information about him to the public, but it all ended up being fake, thankfully.

"The last two days have been crazy, it's been the worst. I thought it was going to be something bad but it ended up being fake. But it was a bully! It was someone threatening me."

So terrible. And just the start of trying to make amends to Lance, Perez.

"So yeah, I do hope Perez is serious about changing his ways. But he did also start another website that's 18 and over, so you know, he's keeping some things the same."

Unrated Perez is a site that is basically is all about sex tapes, naked pics, or porn stars. This was one site that Lance's bully was trying to shop the faux private stuff to. Guess Hilton saying no could be a sign of change?

Still, good for you to try and put your Perez feelings aside in the name of tolerance L., but we gotta say, we'll believe it when we see it. Or rather, don't read it.

And you readers seem to agree.

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