Carey Mulligan, Shia

Dear Ted:
In a recent B.B. you said that ,or I thought you said, that Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan were going strong, but according to new reports, she is moving back to U.K. and she has broken up with her man! Is this true? Would make me and my rescue cats Pus and Pus very sad!
—Hege, Norway

Dear Calling a Mulligan:
Last I'd heard, the duo were still on, but you're not the only one that's been hearing rumors of trouble in paradise since then. Don't think the two have officially called it quits yet, but they're definitely taking some time to themselves. Not surprised, really.

Dear Ted:
Is Dominic Monaghan Nevis Divine?

Dear Nev-er Ever:
Nope. Dom is a different—much more (socially) innocent—Vice.

Dear Ted:
The perfect HSM threesome: Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tilsdale and Zac Efron. What is up with them? They haven't been seen together since early 2009 and there is no news. I always thought Zac and Ashley had something because they looked so cozy, yet they haven't been seen together for a while.

Dear High School's Over:
Well we all know how Vanessa likes to keep "her" Zac to herself—even from her gal-pals. But it's all because of biz that they haven't been hanging lately. There's no feud or bad Disney blood here, just very busy kids.

Dear Ted:
How much longer do you think Liam Hemsworth is gonna be around? I need a Niley reunion ASAP! Also do Nick and Miley still talk to each other, and is it the final straw for Niley?

Dear On the Liam:
He's been fairly M.I.A. of late...hopefully that's a sign. As for Nick and Miles, yes, they still talk. All good news today, Niley fans.

Dear Ted:
Do stars put confidentiality clauses in their prenups? Wouldn't it be risky not to have them, specifically for bearding or open (but not to the public's knowledge) relationships? If they ended on not-so-great terms, what would prevent someone from writing a tell-all or doing a "Secrets about my marriage" interview, especially if he or she wasn't famous?

Dear Say We Want Prenup!:
The smart ones do. Why do you think we don't ever get really juicy goss out of big-time celeb breakups? I'll tell you this: it's not because there isn't any dirt to fling, that's for sure.

Dear Ted:
I just read that now Elton John wants the word gay to be pulled from Vince Vaughn's new movie. Can I just say come the hell on? I understand the whole bulling point of view. I really do. I have had many friends who are gay as well as a nephew who just came out about two years ago. I'm blond and I don't go crying every time someone tells me a blond joke or every time I see someone in a movie making fun of blonds for being stupid. I know you will say it's not the same, but isn't it? It all hurts someone right. It was meant to be comical and not geared toward anyone for the kind of person they choose to be. Can't we just lighten up?

Dear Nice Try:
Yeah, you almost had me crying a blondie tear for ya but, you said it first: It's not the same. This is about name-calling leading to killing. I support John's extreme reaction, certainly if it can help save a life.

Dear Ted:
I heard Justin Bieber has turned into a rapper. Will he stay a rapper? Will he dump singing, or is it a one-time thing?

Dear Shawty Mane:
I'm sure it won't be a one-time thing, as painful as that might be, but he definitely won't give up on his high-pitched bread and butter. Now we need a duet between the Biebs and Willow Smith.

Dear Ted:
I have gone back and reread all of your posts, and something was bothering me. You said over and over that Robert Pattinson's Remember Me bombed (I don't agree), and you constantly called him out on it. When people got angry, you said you would call Kristen Stewart out if The Runaways  bombed too. You never did. Rob's movie actually made money! I thought you were typically fair-minded person but that is just a double standard. Once and for all please set the record straight no excuses and beating around the bush.
—St Murph

Dear Leaving in the Past:
Plenty of difference, babe, but yes, The Runaways didn't do as well as predicted. Got a lot of critical praise though. Why do you have to make it a contest between the couple anyway? If you're going to, at least be current. It's all about Welcome to the Rileys vs. Bel Ami these days, duh.

Dear Ted:
I am absolutely loving the new Blind Vices you've decided to post (Cass Stiumlatia, Maribeth Bush, etc.) Thank you! I absolutely loved Dawson's Creek many years ago, and I was wondering, has Katie Holmes ever been a Blind Vice?

Dear Joey Potter-Head:
Nope, and if she did, it definitely wouldn't be either of the two you listed. Just because you're married to a Vicer doesn't mean that you've made it to the Blind Big Leagues yourself.

Dear Ted:
I know that Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox are best friends and that Lisa Kudrow and Courteney are very good friends. But what about Jennifer and Lisa? I never see them out in public since their show ended. Are they still good friends or was it more off a "business" friends?

Dear Friends Forever:
always loves Lisa—and always will. She's the reason each main castmember hit a million-dollar-paycheck, and that's the truth.

Dear Ted:
Can we get more information about Ben Affleck's Blind Vice? He seems like a genuine guy and I can't imagine him having a diva attitude—or getting drunk and sleeping around. What does his Vice involve?

Dear Mr. Garner Gone Wild:
Naturally, you can't imagine anything bad about old Ben. That's exactly how he—and Jennifer—want it. And the specific answer you're looking for is sex.

Dear Ted:
Daniel Craig
can't be James Bond forever, so why not have the delicious Joe Manganiello replace him as Bond? And while we're at it, could Ashley Greene maybe be a Bond girl?

Dear 007-Heaven:
C'mon, M, Daniel Craig isn't that old. Look at the other guys who've played Bond before. Craig still has quiet a few secret agent years in him (assuming another Bond flick gets made anytime soon). By the time he's done kicking ass and drinking fancy drinks, it'll be a Jonas Brother who takes his spot.

Dear Ted:
My birthday is Sunday and I have been saving this question for months. Any good gossip you can share on my celeb crush Jason Statham? Would love something juicy, but your general opinion of the guy would be great, too!

Dear Crank It Out:
He's chill...probably too chill, actually. Wonder how things are going with his leading lady, Rosie Huntington-Whitely. That was a halfassed present to you, doll, huge kiss!