Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Eric Johnson, Jessica Simpson, Ice-T, Coco, Sophis Bush, Austin Nichols

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Looks like we didn't scare you off with our first foursome of totally gross celeb sex lives, 'cause it seems you couldn't vote enough for one partic couple. (We won't ruin the surprise yet!)

And so we bravely present the second round of our Spooky Sex Life competition with Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore leading a pack of libido-killing couples.

Which twosome will take the oh-so-unsexy top spot this time? Vote now:

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore: They're swingers! They have an open marriage! They're having threesomes with Michael Phelps while Snoop Dogg watches! At least that's what the bold-face tabloid rumors about this cougar and cub couple say. And yet, even with all the right stuff to be one hot as hell twosome, these two probably spend more time Tweeting than twatting each other.

Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols: Think of it as Brangelina gone terribly boring—all the world saving without any of the steamy bedroom behavior. Neither half of this do-gooder couple likes to get too risqué, which makes us think counting sheep would be more interesting than their sex life. Hell, just watch those too-cuddly post-coitus scenes on One Tree Hill and you get the gist of it.

Ice T and Coco: Ass-alicious Coco leaves very little to the imagination—whether it be her...uh, buxom body or dishing on her gag-worthy sex life with hip-hop star Ice T. Let's just say we were hoping the secret to the marriage was open communication and nothing about his "Stroke." The only secret we're still interested in is how they can even do it...physically, speaking.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson: America's Airhead Sweetheart and a recently married man?! Not quite as scandalous...and neither is their sex life. Sure, poor J.Simpson may be sexual napalm, but we think it's our heads that would want to explode if we had to watch these PDA-heavy love birds in the sack. Thing is, we feel too damn bad for the babe, which is so not sexy.

The winner from this feared foursome will move on to compete in the finals next week against couples chosen from three other rounds of coitus-digustingus competitors.

Round Three starts Friday!

Spooky Celebrity Sex Life, Round 2:
Which celeb couple¿s sex life scares you the most?
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Come back on Friday to vote on the third round!
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