Krisbian's, never fear, Kristen Stewart knows you're out there! The Twilight star is very aware of the nickname embraced by her most loyal female fans.

"Yeah, yeah," laughed Kristen during an interview with MTV when she was asked if she knew what Krisbian's were. "I totally can't lie about that. Oh my god yeah. In fact it really pisses one person off..."

Any guesses as to who that gentleman might be?

As if it would be Robert Pattinson! Please, dude probably loves that his GF is wanted by other guys and girls.

Kristen's cool with the nickname, but ‘fesses that her brother is the one who isn't.

Why so protective, brother Stewart?

Clearly he doesn't think of his sister as a sex object, so guess we get why he would want to shield her from all that stuff, but if K.S. likes it, so should he!

Nothing's wrong with a little girl-on-girl crushing. We all have one on Kristen, even more now after watching that video.

So viva la Krisbian's! K.Stew totally endorses it.

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