Kanye West

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Every single day there are moments that remind me of how lucky I am to have my job at E! Sometimes they are big moments, like getting to travel somewhere in the world I've never been. Sometimes they are as simple as working on a voiceover track with a talented and passionate producer who helps make the experience fun, instead of feeling like "work." These daily moments are an important component to my life, as they inspire me to reflect and truly appreciate the opportunity I have to live my dream.

One of these recent moments was the other night here in Hollywood, when I got to see an advanced screening of Runaway, a short film directed by Kanye West. It's not often to see artists in modern times express themselves so purely and unaffected by corporate hands attempting to censor or commercialize their work.

The film celebrates beauty, love, culture and nature. For someone who is often unfairly the subject of negative energy, this movie proved once again why we need Kanye West. He is a self-proclaimed "Soldier of Culture," and in an industry and pop landscape defined by convention and manipulation, he is a truly free spirit who wears his heart on his sleeve, and walks tall with the courage of his convictions on his chest.

Walking out of the theater and speaking with Kanye briefly after the film was again, a moment for me on my journey when it hit me with just how lucky I am to be doing what I'm doing. We sometimes forget that these "celebrities" are artists, the driving force behind culture and expression. To be able to intimately interact with them is a responsibility I cherish, and I hope to have and share many more moments as I continue to cover the biggest stories in entertainment from around the world.

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