Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy came out at the top on the leader board on last night's Dancing With the Stars, scoring a 27 with their Friends-themed quickstep.

So why is the couple hurting so bad today?

Read on the find out what Maks told us about more injuries, how they plan on getting a perfect score, and dancing with Jennifer Aniston...

Last night you got the highest score. How do you guys plan on getting that perfect 30?
We're just going to do our thing. I think Brandy finally got the whole idea of why I am the way I am. We're doing amazing. We're probably one of the friendliest couples on this set. People have problems and drama and all of that. We don't. Our dramas don't exist. We never walk out, we never walk away. If we bump heads, we do it while we're dancing and we don't even stop. We're absolutely on the same page. We're absolutely 100 percent a team and 100 percent committed to this competition.

What did you think of Bristol Palin's monkey costume?
I thought it was fun. It was a shame you didn't see the dress rehearsal because she did so good. It was funny, it was fun. You know, she's not the best dancer but nobody pretends to be the best dancer. We're just trying to do our best. When she came out during the show and hiccupped a bunch of times, it was a shame because she did a good job before that.

Who else do you think did well last night?
I think Audrina and Tony did great, I just feel like it's a little bit unfair because their music skipped. We have an amazing band but it's a live show and this stuff just happens. It's really hard to recover, especially for celebrities who aren't used to dancing. The music hiccupped a little bit and they lost four counts of the routine somewhere and it was really a shame because the judges commented on that, meanwhile it wasn't their fault, it was the orchestra that messed up their song.

Your dance was to the Friends theme song, how amazing would it be to dance with Jennifer Aniston?
Listen, if Jennifer Aniston wants to dance, I'm more than ready. There's no invitation. It's a given.

Last week you told us Brandy's ankle was bothering her. How's she doing this week?
We all have troubles with everything. My lower back hurts, hip is sore. Her ankle and quads. Next week we're going to do a tango. The floor is different, Brandy and I have elaborate costumes, it's a bit risky but I think we're going to have a lot more sore muscles than today. And it's just the name of the game. It is what it is. You're going to get hurt doing this whether you like it or not. Everybody's hurt.

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