Some young actresses may have qualms about taking on a role as a stripper, but not Kristen Stewart!

"I was dying to do this part for a really long time," she told E! News at last night's premiere of Welcome to the Rileys in NYC.

But the Twilight star admits that it was a challenging role:

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"It was not the easiest character to play. It took a while to get made," she said of the indie movie, which first premiered at Sundance, "I think it's a good thing I grew up a little bit, because I wasn't scared. It was an intimidating part to take on."

But it sounds like Kristen nailed it. When she was at a strip club doing research for the role, she got offered a job on the spot!

"Like, I went to a strip club with the director and the costume designer and it being an odd grouping of people going into a strip club in the middle of the afternoon, I was, like, straight-up offered a job," she told MTV News.

It sounds like this character-driven movie is a nice change of pace for the Twilight star, who's ready to shoot Breaking Dawn in New Orleans.

"I've been talking about this movie [Rileys] for two days and I'm so not sick of it. Not that I get sick of talking about Twilight, but sometimes I repeat myself," she explained.

Aww, it's clear Kristen is still a little shy during interviews, but didn't she look gorgeous at last night's premiere? We love her red lipstick and lacy minidress!

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