Mike The Situation Sorrentino, Karina Smirnoff, Dancing with the Stars

Adam Larkey/ABC

Anybody totally miss Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and Karina Smirnoff from last night's Dancing With The Stars?

No offense to Florence Henderson & Co. but, Jennifer Grey's dimples and The Sitch and K's sex stuff were really the only reason we've stuck with it this season.

We caught up with Ms. Smirnoff at Esquire House's event with International Medical Corps, and she had a theory about why the two got the ax last week:

Blame "the moaner."

If anybody has watched Jersey Shore this season then you should have seen a familiar face in the DWTS audience.

Samantha, also known as "the moaner" from this season after her very loud hookup with The Situation, was watching Mike two-step the last two weeks.

Could she have been the jinx?

"Yes! The moaner," laughed Karina. "She was in the audience the last two, three weeks. Jeez, she should have been the one to get moaned off!"

The lovely K. may—or not—have been joking, but she told us Samantha actually wasn't hooking up with Mike, but rather his best friend, Johnny.

"I think Mike needs a woman that would keep him in check," K. 'fessed when she was asked what kind of girl The Sitch needs. "He's such a sweet guy. I got to see the real Sitch, not the one you see on Jersey Shore."

"Sometimes the criticisms are so harsh it's hard to break it apart and take out the constructive criticism," K.S. said about how Mike took to being judged, literally. "Up until last Monday, [Mike] was taking it better than me...but then last Monday he was like, 'well that was kind of s--ty.'"

S--ty for us, too! We miss you two on the tube. Sorry, but Bristol Palin just isn't cutting it.

Talk about somebody who needs to get moaned off.

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