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UPDATE: Due to a possible contractual issue, Mark Salling's representative has requested that we take the "Illusions" videos down. We have agreed to accommodate this request.


Our little Glee cast is growing up so fast! Mark Salling, aka Noah "Puck" Puckerman himself, just released his new album, Pipe Dreams, and E! has your very first look at his brand new "Illusions" music video.

In fact, we have two different cuts for you to check out! Watch them both now, and then tell us which one you like best:

See the Video Tile

"Illusions" Music Video—Version No. 1

"Illusions" Music Video—Version No. 2, with "magic eye" stereogram element

So what does the rest of the Pipe Dreams album sound like?

Salling says, "I tried to keep the melodies more pop, and relatable; the chord changes are a little jazzier; and the whole feel of it is a little bit rock. So it's like jazzy-rock-pop with a little bit of country; [the country element is] because I play a Telecaster, which is a guitar by Fender that's associated with a traditional country sound. It's got that twangy spank."

Mmmm...twangy spank? Sounds fun!

As a whole, Pipe Dreams is composed of selections Salling made from the more than 50 tracks he's written and recorded over the past 10 years.

Salling also tells us that this particular song, "Illusions," is about "the different illusions that we have in society," including illusions from the realms of politics, religion and entertainment.

Mark Salling Music Video Poll
Which Mark Salling music video do you prefer?

Which "Illusions" video do you like best? What images did you see in the stereogram? Tell us in the comments, and share your review of the song! (Plus, which Glee castmember do you think will have the biggest solo career? Will it be Mark or another actor-singer from the cast?)

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