Lindsay Lohan, Mugshot

The other shoe may finally have dropped for Team LiLo. You know, the one based in reality.

All has been quiet on the Lindsay Lohan front since she was jailed, bailed and checked into rehab last month, but that will change come Friday, when the ever troubled starlet is due in court to answer for her cocaine-using probation violation.

And now comes word that her no doubt fatigued team of lawyers may have finally, begrudgingly accepted the inevitable: Lindsay has finally run out of get-out-of-jail-free cards.

A source close to the actress' camp told E! News that attorney Shawn Chapman Holley has been working overtime to get some pre-hearing face time with Judge Elden Fox. Unfortunately, he has completely shut down her efforts and refused to meet with her, signaling, presumably, that the time for leniency is over.

"The judge won't meet with Shawn ahead of time to say what he is planning," the source said. "They were hoping he'll give her 30 more days at Betty Ford, but because of this odd silence, they are kind of expecting the worst from him."

Which means Lindsay may want to cancel her weekend plans. Some jail time—some real jail time—may very well be in her future.

And despite speculation to the contrary, the source said that Lindsay is unlikely to leave Betty Ford this week in advance of her hearing, and will likely go straight from the clinic to the courtroom.

And where she'll go from there, only Judge Fox knows. Though we could probably hazard a guess.

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