Nooo! Dancing With the Stars frontrunner (and our personal fave) Jennifer Grey is starting the feel the top-of-the-leaderboard pressure, and we don't like it one bit.

Especially after she told us this backstage following last night's show (which, for the record, she rocked!):

When we asked if she's ready for the challenge of next week's two dances (instead of the one she's gotten used to), Baby Jennifer simply replied, "If it gets more stressful than this, I don't know that I can take it."

Of course, we did chat with the Dirty Dancing doll right after she wrapped a performance that looked great to us—but received a tiny bit of criticism from the judges. Plus, there was that whole bustup with partner Derek Hough this week—but that, our friends, was courtesy of a little thing we here in the biz call editing. In fact, Derek and Jennifer say that the DWTS producers actually left out all the good stuff!

"She threw a punch and it got heavy," laughs Derek. "I gave her a backward roundhouse kick. But it didn't make it unfortunately."

"He was on his period," Jennifer adds (in an ew kind of way).

Stressed or not, don't worry about a thing—Jennifer isn't going anywhere. There's just too much love between these two.

"Who do you have arguments with the most?" says Derek. "The person you're closest to."

Jennifer agrees: "We both care—we both care a lot—and we're both sensitive animals. I just want to do as well as I can, that's really all I think about."

Are you Team JenHougher, too? Give us your thoughts on the situation in the comments below, then head back here tonight for more backstage scoop from DWTS.

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