And he had built up such good karma with those life-saving heroics

Possibly figuring he had nothing left to lose at this point, just a few hours after T.I. was sentenced to 11 months in prison for violating his probation on federal weapons charges, the rapper released a new single featuring none other than fellow down-and-outer Chris Brown.

So what did these two pillars of morality have to sing about? Well, the sort of judgments that result in statements like that, actually.

The admittedly catchy track, "Get Back Up," was posted on T.I.'s website in what's expected to be an increasingly common occurrence—the rapper was reportedly working overtime prior to Friday's hearing in order to bank as many new songs and music videos as possible before his inevitable lockup.

"I'm only human," T.I. begins on the track. "Apologies to my fans and my closest friends for letting you down/ I won't take you down that road again.

"Most of you now saying 'whatever,' 'here we go again'/ Blogs, radio and television all going in."

Well, can you blame us?

"No mistake's too great to recover and bounce back/ When they push you down, you got to get back up."

That's the spirit. Maybe next time do it with some better company.

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