When the Scream 4 teaser trailer had its world premiere during Spike TV's Scream Awards over the weekend, it obviously didn't have a ghost (or would that be ghostface?) of a chance of being kept off the good old Internet.

Sure enough...

Plenty of people in attendance came armed and ready to shoot the much-anticipated clip and then post it for all our viewing pleasure.

And while it's mostly just a series of shots of various cast members, with only a tiny taste of the carnage to come, it gave us chills nonetheless. Isn't it amazing that a ringing telephone can wield so much creepy power?

But ringing telephones and scary masks aside, we also get glimpses of David Arquette and Courteney Cox working together onscreen. And with their recent split, seeing them side by side in the last thing they worked on has a certain eerie quality all its own.

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