Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox


Dear Ted:
Where is Jennifer Aniston She has been MIA ever since she headed down to Georgia, which, by the way, is a good thing considering sometimes she can be overexposed, but there is usually an influx of pap pictures of the beautiful Ms. A on the set but not this time. Any scoop in her activities? Any new guy? Do you think she would publicly talk about Courteney and David's split?

Dear Good Friends Are Silent:
Jen and Courteney are tight. Tighter than Court and her husband, probably, to tell you the truth. The reason you're not seeing Jen around much right now is precisely the reason you're sniffing at: Every one wants to know what Jen has to say on the subject. And trust, this sitch is going to be totally Sandra Bullock—there will be total silence from Courteney and Jennifer until the former breaks her silence in People or some butt-kissing rag. Then—and only then—will Jen speak to another outlet, albeit one that's a bit more exclusive, most likely.

Dear Ted:
Who has more experience as an actor, Judas or Dingle?
—af bluerafael

Dear Blind-Boy Besting:
Uh, neither? Make me laugh, boyfriend. But to be technical about it, Judas.

Dear Ted:
You're such a hypocritical...You said you believe in Robert and Kristen...but you wrote one year ago a Blind Vice post talking about someone you named "Nevis Divine" and you was talking about Robert & Tom ... what do you have to say about that?

Dear Hot and Bamboozled:
I think you need lessons in: (a) grammar, (b) who really loves Robsten in this world and (c) how not to worry in life about things that you don't need to worry about. Chill.

Dear Ted:
Got me thinking after going through all the responses to Miley Cyrus' new music video. How successful do you think Miley's new movie will be? And why do you think Demi Lovato has been so supportive of her all of a sudden?

Dear Commercial Queries:
Very and she knows where the audience is.

Dear Ted:
Were Darla Jones and Me-Me Dallas ever friends? Do they have any mutual friends who are also B.V.s?

Dear Girls Just Want to Have Fame:
Yes, and they still are—because they know it sells their personas a bit better. And hell, yeah, it's a regular Young Person's Blind Vice Club with this crowd!

Dear Ted:
Wasn't the last thing we heard about Jude and Dash that they were back together? And now Jude is supposedly getting all hot and heavy with random women at his and Dash's main hangout? Does he do that in front of Dash? Also what the ever-loving frak does he think he's getting out of that PR-wise? Who's giving him PR advice, his bodyguard? Or are you telling us that Jude is preparing a public breakup with his beard, and Dash is in on it? One final question—you called out to Jude to get help. What kind do you think he needs most? Good PR, supportive friends or rehab?

Dear Too Many Questions!
Look, babe, I'm as horrified as you by Jude's recent behavior. And I really think there's only one thing to be done here: Go back to the good man who used to love him who might—just might—be able to love him again.

Dear Ted:
I love Zac Efron and I would like to know has he ever been involved in anything that would really ruin his squeaky clean image?

Dear Get Real:
We all have, Zac included.

Dear Ted:
I find your column quite sad in a way. All the lies that are going on in Hollywood are ridiculous. Why can't they all accept everyone how they are. Also, I think I know who Jackie Bouffant is, and if it is who I think it is, it breaks my heart. I love him so much. Can you give us any more clues about him.

Dear Stop Making Gay Sad:
"Break your heart" ‘cause a dude likes the guys? Why is this such a bad thing, so sick of this gay = tragedy mentality!

Dear Ted:
Did it ever occur to you that on the one night in question that you have based your entire Nevis Divine Blind Vice about that Nevis might have—gasp!—been joking when he introduced Barrington as his boyfriend?

Dear Not So Fast:
It isn't just that one night that Nevis' file is based on, and besides, he wasn't.

Dear Ted:
The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has demanded that Vince Vaughn remove his electrical cars are gay joke from the trailer for The Dilemma. Vaughn refuses, saying that a bit of humor reduces the tension for the subject. I completely agree with him. Isn't there anything better to protest against? Stereotypical jokes like that have been around for ages and shouldn't be worth attention like that. It's like protesting against the white people can't dance jokes and such.

Dear Don't Agree:
Sorry, Jew jokes, racial jokes, Asian jokes, they're all time bombs and very offensive if you're the target. I admire Vaughn for standing his ground, though.

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