Sam Lutfi Won't Agree to Permanent Britney Barrier

Former Spears hanger-on says he'll fight against a permanent restraining order barring him from the popster

By Natalie Finn, Claudia Rosenbaum Jul 30, 2008 12:41 AMTags
Sam Lutfi, Britney SpearsFame Pictures

Does Sam Lutfi want back in the Britney picture? Or does he just not want some stinkin' judge telling him what to do (let alone some stinkin' commissioner)?

Sources tell E! News that the former member of preconservatorship Team Spears is willing to fight the restraining order that's been keeping him at least 250 yards away from his popster pal since Feb. 1.

A hearing on conservatorship issues, including whether to make the Spears family's order against Lutfi permanent, is scheduled for July 31.

"Sam won’t sign a permanent stay-away," a Lutfi insider says.

So far, Lutfi has "quietly" allowed the current order to be extended twice without appearing in court to object, with the last rollover occurring April 16.

"He just agreed to it," Lutfi spokesman Michael Sands said at the time. "Sam and the family are communicating and cooperating, trying to do what's best for Britney."

But while the onetime flashbulb target "just wants the whole case to go away," he is apparently eager to at least clear his name, considering 2 a.m. shopping sprees and other questionable bonding experiences are a thing of the past.

"If they want to go to trial, he will go to trial," the source said. "He did nothing wrong."