Welcome to the latest edition of When Celebs Attack! Today's star: Shia LaBeouf.

But whereas fellow paparazzi avengers Paris Hilton and Jessica Alba unintentionally (we think) brought harm to their snap-happy pals, the Transformers' leading man-child appears to have engaged in some serious premeditation, allowing his cup of coffee to cool (we hope) before chasing down a shutterbug and hurling the contents at the photographer's back while in D.C. this week.

And let's not forget his super-classy, immediate fleeing of the scene. (No worries, Shia, they'll catch you in civil court!)

On the bright side, at least there wasn't anyone around to capture the incident on tape so as to use against him at a later date. Oh, wait… In any case, it's probably safe to assume that book he was reading wasn't on anger management.

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