Blind vice group sex

Remember Roxy Couture? The babe who had all of Hollywood laughing behind her back while that gorgeous hubby of hers, Stud-Bucket LeBeouf, screwed stripper after cocktail waitress?

Couture's friends—and everyone in the biz—was whispering about "poor Roxy." How could she be so clueless?

Well, turns out, it was all of us she was pulling a fast one on:

No, Rox didn't have herself a hunky actor side dish. She's far too busy keeping her adorable kids and perfect home in order. Gotta make sure the media thinks life is great great great!

Turns out, actually, that R.C. knows all about her husband's not-so-indiscrete indiscretions.

With the steely nerve that made her a household name in the first place, Rox has put in place an "out of sight, out of mind" rule. She doesn't want to know what Stud is up to as long as it's just sex and not emotional—as if LeBeouf would let himself go that far.

He's got the perfect situation! He really does love his wife. So what's the harm in a little sex on the side when he's apart from the Missus—which is a lot?

At least that's what he's been telling his bros while out at a party recently, bragging to his buddies about the hot girls he's banged recently and what a cool wife he has.

What's the harm since he has those iron-clad confidentiality agreements, right?

Wrong. Stud and Roxy's kids are starting to catch wind of their situation, which means it's time for major damage control.

So is SBL ready to act his age and settle down? The next chapter in this dangerous (in many ways) Hollywood tale remains to be seen.

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